Infant’s Daily Schedule

Infant Classroom Schedule

7:00am Free play/Drop off

9:00am Snack time

9:15am Diaper check

9:30am Read books, explore mats, floor time, lesson plan activities

10:00am Outdoor play/ gym and or stroller ride

11:00am Check diapers, lesson plan activities

11:30am Wash hands, pray, lunch time

12:30pm Diapers

12:45pm Nap time, lights off

3:00pm  Check diapers

3:15pm Snack time

3:30pm Outdoor play/Gym and or Stroller ride

4:30pm Free play, read books explore toys, floor time and or lesson plan activities

5:00pm Check diapers

5:15 – 7:00pm Free play, snack, pick up

* The daily schedule my change depending on the children’s individual needs and schedule*