Thank you for visiting us and checking out our program.

We are a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Frederick.  Our goal is to help your child succeed socially, developmentally, spiritually, and academically.

2019/2020 Rates

Enrollment Fee: $125.00 per family  Infant Care: $315.00 per spot/week Toddler Care: $315.00 per spot/week               2 Year Old Care: $50.00 a day 3 Years Old to Pre-K Care: $45.00 a day School Age Care: $25.00 a day during school year                                                                                                                                                                              School Age Summer Care: $35.00 a day plus an activities fee Before School Care: $15.00 a day After School Care: $15.00 a day

2021/2022 Rates (as of Sept 1, 2021)

Enrollment Fee: $175.00 per family   Infant Care: $365 a week (full time enrollment required)  Toddler Care: $73 per day (3 day minimum)  2 year old care: $60 per day  3 year old care: $50 per day  4 year old care: $50 per day Educational Pre-K: $50 per day (3 day minimum)  School Age Care: $40 per day (Summer Care and Distance Learning) School Age Before Care: $25 per day   School Age After Care: $25 per day  Half Day Care: $35 per day (7am to 1pm)    

While you are here take the time to get to know our staff and more about our program.

If you are interested in taking a tour of our facility contact Rachel Pyles or Randi Wenner at 301-473-8283 to schedule.