My name is Casey, I am 29 years old and raised in Frederick. I have had an interested in the field of Human Services since I was young and watched my father organize his annual charity events, providing thousands of bagged lunches to homeless shelters at Christmas. I wanted to impact positive change but I desired to do so in a more direct way. I worked at Waystation in Frederick for about 2 years where I was a residential facilitator for several clients who lived on the premises. This was my first professional opportunity to have an impact but it was only the start. While working at Waystation I met an Juvenile Defense attorney who eventually hired me to work for her as her residential assistant in D.C. These experiences helped me recognize my interpersonal skills with youth in particular and played a pivotal role in shaping my career aspirations. After about a year and a half, my employer arranged a new opportunity for me working for the School Age Child Care Department of the Fairfax government. I went to serve as a before and after school teacher for 3 years. It is here that I truly realized my passion for the positive impact I can have on children. I moved back to Maryland to go back to college in pursuit of my counseling degree with aspirations of becoming a Guidance Counselor.